Our priority is to ensure a safe event. Please see the following guidelines we have put in place for your protection and safety.

Entrance to the event

If you or anyone in your household has been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you not participate in the event. Temperatures will be taken at the event entrance.


Based on order of registration. (We are working to get approval to start in groups of 20).

Masks are required up until 5 seconds before the start.

On the Course
All participants- spectators and riders- will be required to sign a waiver to participate.
Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others, this distance should be even greater while in motion.
Wear masks
In the event in which individuals are not able to maintain 6 feet of distance between each other,masks are required. The Town of Clarkdale has issued a mask mandate proclamation as well as Yavapai County and Yavapai College. In compliance with local regulations, masks are required when social distancing guidelines cannot be met.
Wash hands and sanitize
Pack hand sanitizer. Wash your hands before and after you ride. Sanitize any shared bicycles you will use or have used.
Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the venue area. Hand washing stations will be set up with water, soap and paper towels.

Numbers at the event
There will be no more than 40 people in an area at any given time. Along with CDC guidelines,

mask guidelines and social distancing, race officials will enforce the total number of people
allowed in an area to 40, 10 less than the recommended 50.

Spectators on the course
Maps will be distributed to participants and spectators to allow for distancing while spectating.
Spectators must maintain social distancing from other spectators unless in the same
household. With different waves of racers, that will allow for less spectators at any given time.
While out on the course spectating, please practice social distancing, respect our
participants, vegetation and wear a mask while participants are passing.

COVID Guidelines