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Course trails will be open to riders not participating in the event. Please be courteous and polite so we are welcome back for years to come.
Due to private property, we can not post the exact course. Please prepare for an extra 1/2 mile per lap and an extra 30-40 feet in elevation gain!


IMG_9720 2.HEIC

This course is hard and dangerous so discretion is advised. This route includes steep climbs, exposure and is for the experienced mountain biker only! 

In an effort to protect our volunteer's time and our schedule, there will be time-cuts.

We highly recommend that junior racers (under 18) do not participate in this course and we have the right to ask for credentials/resume and/or get a parents signature if asked to participate.

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tough 20

IMG_9721 2.HEIC

Similar to the 31 mile course, this route is rated as difficult and not meant for beginner/intermediate riders.

Same as the 31 mile course, we will advise junior racers (under 18) not participate in this category. We do have the right to ask for credentials/resume and/or get a parents signature to participate.

Image 11-9-23 at 8.54 AM.jpeg
IMG_9722 2.HEIC

Clean 18

This route is 18 miles long and rated as Intermediate. This course contains a fast and flowy single track. This is going to be for the XC peeps who want to go fast! This is the only category that is going to be doing laps. You will complete 3 laps of the 6-mile fast section of trail at blowout.

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 7.39.28 AM.png

LowKey 12

IMG_9722 2.HEIC

Two 6 mile laps. This and the 6 -mile course are designed to get kids and families involved.  Cost of the entry is set low at $30.

6-Mile Flow​

IMG_9722 2.HEIC

The 6-Mile Flow is designed to get entry level riders, kids and families out having fun on mildly challenging course.

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